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Date: Sat Feb 15 2003 - 09:39:38 EST

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        You said: >> In any case I see God in prehistory not as intelligently
    designing anything so much as
        simply, most of the time, monitoring the drift of organic evolution. As
    God sees things either not happening, or not happening in the way he would
    like, he takes deliberate actions at (possibly) widely spaced intervals to
    cause the changes
        he wants--just as he has done in human history. Overall, the model
    implicit in my new paradigm suggests the
        world operates free of his special input most of the time--and on this
    point we'll
        no doubt continue to disagree. >>

      Not to start a new discussion: God is omnipotent and exists outside of
    space and time, all seeing and knowing, he knows the future, present and
    past. Why would God even need to per se intervene? Does anyone understand
    the concept of placing a ball in motion with a specific intent that it reach
    a specified destination at a specific time? We humans are somewhat capable
    of the same thing. We can place a "lander" on the moon. We can place a
    satellite in orbit with fairly decent accuracy and expectation of it's
    trajectory and final stable orbit. Can't God just pre-plan any and all
    events needed to reach his desired goal? All of which would have been done
    and set into motion prior to creation and the events we see as God's
    intervention is in fact God's pre-planned periods/events of change. In
    "this" model, God is not involved from our, mortal and time restrained,
    points of view. But from the overall view of the universe God was, is and
    will be involved, not just in some things, but each and every event, because
    they are all part of his greater "pre-designed" plan. For me this is easier
    to understand and it also makes God an even greater entity. What would make
    our WEAK minds believe that God would need to come in and make a change
    after things go wrong. Wouldn't that make him imperfect and incapable of
    controlling his own creation? Remember we do have free choice and
    therefore would effect any outcome. However, God knew us before we were
    born and could therefore control even that. He has always known each and
    every one of us. It is not a question of fate over which he have no
    control. But like a general sending troops to battle, he will decide at
    which time and place each of us is born. Each having his or her opportunity
    to exist and partake in his creation. Thereby, he can control the outcome
    so that the goal is achieved with the least number of casualities (lost

      Don Perrett
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