Re: my new paradigm

From: Don Winterstein (
Date: Sat Feb 15 2003 - 04:23:14 EST

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    Michael Roberts wrote:

    >Sadly over the last couple of years, this listserve has attracted people with bizarre ideas which they think are directly revealed by God. Once anyone claims that we should all ignore it as that is the first step to a cult.
    We have sufficient revelation from Jesus and the Bible so don't need to add to it, neither do we need numerological proofs of the Bible.

    >The best thing we can do is to ignore such nonsense and I will do just that

    Feel free to ignore as you wish, but you might note that, in contrast with cult leaders, I don't try to attract a following. Plus, I'm totally uncharismatic and would not be able to attract a following except by paying people money, a thing I'm not about to do. I'm well aware of how offensive the things I say are likely to be, and there's worse to come. My challenge is that I feel constrained to divulge these things even if the probability that anyone will pay serious attention is zero. So you're allowed to feel sorry for me. Just a few years ago I was a respected scientist.

    However, I don't feel sorry for myself. I made a commitment to God many years ago, well before I became a scientist, and this current effort is simply what that commitment has led to. I can't do less than try to fulfill it, and in fact that effort is the thing I now most enjoy.

    Overall I've found this listserve very informative and valuable. I'm not likely to leave voluntarily.


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