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Date: Thu Feb 13 2003 - 07:43:57 EST

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    > Although I enjoy the first ten chapters of Genesis and think I detect the
    > same divine inspiration in them that pervades other scriptures, I believe
    > Christianity as a whole might be better off ignoring those chapters in our
    > time because they cause so much fuss and conflict that they distort the
    > thrust of the entire Bible. Of course, I'm well aware people are not going
    > to ignore them, because they provide a framework for everything that
    > follows. But what is that framework worth in our day? Everyone who knows
    > the real world has to reinterpret those chapters so drastically (or slide
    > past them, as I do) that, in my opinion, they really no longer provide
    > anything like a useful framework.
    > Don

    I specifically raised the issue of Genesis 3:6-7. I suggest the story of the
    fall of Adam and Eve is absolutely straightforward, needs very little
    interpretation, and that those few lines identify the psychological basis of
    all religion, everywhere, eastern and western. I further contend that Jesus
    Himself addresses exactly those lines in the Gospel of Thomas when he says,
    "When you disrobe without being ashamed... you will not be afraid," in his
    description of the Kingdom of God demonstrating that my understanding may be
    wrong in current company but is Jesus' understanding given these lines from
    this Nag Hammadi text.
    The paper is available upon request.

    rich faussette

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