Re: BIBLE/ORIGINS: seeking feedback

Date: Wed Feb 12 2003 - 19:51:55 EST

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    > Rich,
    > With respect, I suggest your intervention raises more questions than it
    > provides answers. However, your reference to "The Ultimate Assertion" as a
    > "kabbalistic puzzle" is clear enough. Do you imply thereby that the
    > phenomena described must be denied a proper hearing in the arena of
    > rational scientific debate? It surely makes little sense to find that those
    > who acquiesce in the words "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither
    > are your ways my ways, saith the Lord..." (Is.55:8,9), nevertheless seek to
    > place Him in a straitjacket.
    > I look forward to to receiving your clarification of these matters.
    > Sincerely,
    > Vernon

    Also with respect, I suggest that whatever mathematical riddle may have been
    deposited at the very beginning of Genesis, I wonder at its significance. I
    do not deny it a proper hearing. I simply wonder "why?" Why it is important
    that you would barely conceal your displeasure at my "intervention" and your
    commanding use of the words from Isaiah and reference to "straitjacket." I
    mean really. Do you think that's all there is at the very beginning of
    Genesis? Why are you so hostile at the suggestion that Genesis 3:6-7 is far
    more significant, in fact centrally significiant to all of religion that you
    would rather do the puzzle and discourage my "intervention" to boot?

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