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Date: Wed Feb 12 2003 - 07:32:48 EST

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    > Don,
    > As you may remember, I wrote (Jan 27) the following in response to your
    > posting of Jan 24:
    > In view of what you have written (in particular, your recommendation that
    > we "would be better off ignoring the first ten or so chapters of Genesis"),
    > I am wondering how you would proceed to adapt your paradigm to accomodate
    > the hard facts that are indelibly associated with the prologue to these
    > chapters. I have prepared an illustrated summary of these which you may
    > find at
    > The empirical evidence I have put together under the heading "The Ultimate
    > Assertion" is no figment of my imagination - as I'm sure you would agree.
    > Genesis 1:1 is manifestly the most remarkable combination of words ever
    > written - and a standing miracle. It surely follows that all theories
    > relating to origins must take account of that - otherwise they become so
    > much 'hot air'. Are you now prepared therefore to retract your
    > recommendation that the early chapters of Genesis be committed to the scrap
    > heap?
    > Sincerely,
    > Vernon

    Genesis 3:6-7 establishes the nature of the religious experience itself and
    on that basis alone I would suggest it is far more important than a
    kabbalistic puzzle. I suppose it's so straightforward it's easily missed but
    a paper analyzing the nature of the religious experience as it is decribed in
    those lines is available upon request.

    rich faussette

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