Re: Professing evolution column by Maggie Gallagher

Date: Fri Feb 07 2003 - 19:19:29 EST

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    Walter Hicks wrote:

    > Dr. Dini speaks for himself on
    > Anyone can make up his/her mind from that.

    The main objection I have is that Dini himself seems to be
    insinuating that the reasons for the foolish practice of giving
    the sot a pill was all the result of creationists in the American
    Medical Association and the medical schools that trained
    these doctors. It was hubris and lack of application of the
    facts that lead to antibiotic resistance!

    If he had said "_WE_ have sinned", I would find no problem with
    him per se, but what he is implying there is intellectually dishonest
    and hypocritical. This is dangerous because those who ignore
    or deny history are most prone to repeat the same sins again and again.

    by Grace alone we proceed,

    is making the misleading statement that antibiotic
    resistance was

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