Re: Professing evolution column by Maggie Gallagher

Date: Fri Feb 07 2003 - 09:55:18 EST

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    Amen to Darryl's post, and kudo's to him for going straight to the source
    to find out the facts. Here are a couple of other comments that I had typed
    and was about to send before Darryl's post came through:

    I do agree with the columnist that science does not need this sort of
    "protection" or inquisition from people like Dini. However, I cannot
    imagine that the student's academic future depends on this one professor's
    recommendation. Even if it was seemingly necessary as a recommendation, If
    the student trusts in God's providence and power, he should allow God to
    open the doors to graduate school without the help of this recommendation.
    To make the parallel statement, Christian living (God's providence) does
    not need this sort of recommendation.

    Although the study of prosthetics may not in any way require belief in
    evolutionary theories about the origin of life, it can be argued that many
    modern medical disciplines do depend on a working knowledge (i.e.,
    acceptance) of natural selection/adaptation/mutation (i.e. evolutionary
    processes). Work on HIV is one obvious example; how often to use
    antibiotics is another.


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    Any thoughts?

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