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Date: Fri Feb 07 2003 - 09:10:39 EST

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      The main problem with Prof Dini's approach is that the institutions to
    which the student may apply will not know exactly WHY the prof will not
    write the letter of recommendation. That is, they will have no way of
    distinguishing between a conflict over religion and a failure to meet an
    academic standard.

    Rather than violate Prof. Dini's conscience by requiring him to
    recommend the student, I would require him to supply an explanation of
    his refusal, for example "I cannot in conscience recommend this student
    because I disagree with his views on evolution." That would give the
    institution to which the student is applying the opportunity to form its
    own judgment of the student's academic and personal qualifications. What
    means a lot to Dini may be irrelevant to them, and they should be free
    to make up their own mind.

    So far as I can tell from reading their works directed at laypeople, the
    random-mutation/natural-selection-only evolutionists have actually been
    behaving like a church for some time, defending their dogma against
    heretics. Things will likely get hotter from here.

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