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    True Religion
    The Darwinian Interpretation of Biblical Symbols

    Richard Faussette


    The paper demonstrates how the religion/science divide can be bridged by
    interpreting two Biblical allegories from a Darwinian perspective.

    The behavioral structure of the religious experience is determined from the
    obvious references to psychological states and evolved behaviors in the
    allegory of the fall of Adam and Eve. A conceptual framework is then
    presented from which inferences regarding ontological anxiety and pure
    altruism are easily drawn, providing new impetus for the study of spiritual
    disciplines. A table lists the basic allegorical symbols from the Biblical
    text with their psychological counterparts.

    The evolutionary strategy of Judaism is revealed in the allegory of Jacob and
    Esau, “the elder shall serve the younger,” by observing the successes and
    failures of Jacob and his progeny over three generations coupled with Jacob’s
    cunning breeding of Laban’s flocks, cited by Charles Darwin in The Origin of
    Species. This earliest known Biblical source for religiously disciplined
    group selection is identified. The relevance of religious discipline as
    nascent “pastoral science” for modern communities is rationalized.

    While researching the paper, a translation concern over the nature of Leah’s
    eyes was identified in a few newer editions of the Bible by its departure
    from an otherwise perfect allegorical structure demonstrating the utility of
    the Darwinian toolkit for Biblical exegesis. 

    The paper was written as religion, as psychology/anthropology and as

    Biblical exegesis, religious experience, evolutionary strategy, group
    selection and I.Q.

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