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Date: Wed Feb 05 2003 - 09:36:22 EST

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    Something else you might want to consider for this summer or maybe
    next summer is taking classes at Wheaton College's Black Hills
    Science Station. It costs money but is worth it for the experience.
    Wheaton offers a field zoology class, an ecology class, and another
    class that I can't remember (I was out there as a geologist, not a
    biologist). The classes are all out in the Black Hills of South
    Dakota and are heavily oriented toward field and hands-on experience.
    For the ecology course, students travel out to Yellowstone, the
    Tetons, and lots of other places in Wyoming and Montana. If you're
    interested in more information, email me and I can give you my wife's
    email address (she was a biology student) and/or another friend from
    Wheaton who's here at Penn State (just up the road from you).

    I hope things go well for you in your search for good experiences.


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    >> Amara,
    >> If you are interested in ecological issues as they impinge on creation
    >> care, you might check out the Christian Environmental Association web site
    >> at Also, the Fund for Christian Ecology lists
    >> and links several organizations that you might explore for possible
    >> internships: The Evangelical
    >> Environmental Network might be a possible source of information on
    >> internships: You could email them at the address
    >> listed on their home page. A summer internship in ecology would be a good
    >> place to put your interest in and knowledge of biology to practical use in
    >> worthy ministry, and learn a lot in the process.
    >> Grace and peace,
    >> Bob Schneider
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    >> Subject: looking for opportunities for summer service
    >> > I am a sophomore in college, currently studying biology. I don't intend
    >> to go into medicine, but other than that, I'm undecided as to what I want
    >> do for a career. I am applying to a program offered through my college,
    >> called Theological Exploration of Vocation, where students spend 10 weeks
    >> their summer working for a non-profit organization anywhere in the
    >> doing service work. Ideally, the student finds an opportunity where he or
    >> she can serve in some capacity related to their field of study or what
    >> might pursue as a career. I was just wondering if anyone knew of any
    >> non-profit science-related organizations that they could suggest.
    >> > Thank you!
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    >> > Amara
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