Re: Response to: Let's End the Bible Versus Science Conflict

From: Dr. Blake Nelson (
Date: Tue Feb 04 2003 - 22:57:52 EST

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    I generally chalk up responding to these silly baiting
    tactics as a waste of time, but I will make one last
    foray into the breach, before going completely silent,
    which I think is the best strategy at this point --
    although if you want to e-mail me personally, please

    You have been directed to numerous places where the
    Christian tradition (as well as the Jewish tradition)
    has clearly not historically viewed the interpretation
    of particular texts as what one would consider a
    literal interepretation in the 20th or 21st century.
    There are literally thousands of books throughout the
    history of both religious traditions that describe

    You have rejected in the past reading books as a waste
    of your time. So, we are at an impasse. You have
    your view which you are unwilling to have informed by
    facts and the vast weight of tradition and Christian
    history has an entirely different view from the one
    you claims it holds.

    You seem to rebel very well against your version of
    Christianity, which is neither the historical
    understanding nor even a majority understanding of
    Christianity in the 21st century. Whatever
    "Christianity" you are excoriating, it is uniquely
    your own and bears little resemblance to the
    2,000-year old church that I know.

    All the best,

    P.S. You constantly ask for evidence, but you never
    give any in return when asked, and to the extent that
    you do, when someone shows that your understanding is
    different or incorrect, you simply say they are
    deluded by wishful thinking for living forever. Thus,
    I think we have gone past where any discussion will be
    fruitful for the time being, since all discussions are
    trumped by your "Christians are deluded to rationalize
    all this wrong stuff" argument, which isn't even an

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