From: Wayne Shelton (
Date: Mon Feb 03 2003 - 21:39:35 EST

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    I was asked to expand my question about the PBS program " Journey of Man "

    Dr. Spencer Wells traveled to all the continents to study the Y cromosomes of isolated populations. He came to the conclusion that he had found a marker in a man in Afganistan who was descended from the original person in that region. And so for several groups. I'm sure his team spent many days perhaps years doing this work. but do more studies need to be done? He seemed to be positive about his results, but are there other isolated group that could be done that would confirm or refute his findings. The program mentioned no other posibilities or theories other than his.

    Does any one in the group have knowledge of his work, or have read the book.

    From a retired entomologist that has limited knowledge of genetics.

    Wayne Shelton


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