RE: David Livingstone's take on geology and creation

From: Luke Skidmore (
Date: Mon Feb 03 2003 - 21:18:16 EST

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    I would agree. The public obviously needs a basic level of science
    education (which obviously isn't happing by ever public opinion poll I
    have read) before young or old can even begin to be dealt with. If one
    doesn't know what a gene is how could one even begin to make an
    intelligent decision on the matter. I think it all comes back to
    education or the lack there of.

    I think there are other issues involved in those in Christian leadership
    not beings vocal sometimes. Being in Christian leadership, I don't know
    how many times I was assumed to be a YEC simply because of my position.
    I think that those in leadership are often put in quite a predicament if
    their constituents are don't share the same viewpoint, or the other
    leadership doesn't as well. I would agree this doesn't mean that we
    shouldn't be vocal about this, just maybe a little cautious about how we
    talk about it. I think to do it justice we need to present the necessary
    scientific background and that just simply takes time. But I think there
    needs to be a lot bigger push for science education.


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    > You've put your finger on one of the major problems in
    > this area: Clergy don't
    > exercise appropriate leadership. Those who realize that the
    > earth is old, that
    > evolution has happened, & in general that real science has to
    > be taken seriously, usually don't say much of anything about
    > it when that's called for - e.g., when
    > preaching on texts that have to do with creation or in
    > actively opposing attempts to get
    > bad science into public schools. Some don't want to say
    > anything about topics that they
    > don't have formal training in (which may not keep them from
    > expressing their opinions
    > about politics &c). Others either don't think it's important
    > theologically or don't
    > think it's worth the possibility of stirring up controversy.
    > & many others just have no
    > clue about what is going on in science.

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