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    My wife has collected some books of devotion, bibles etc. while we have been
    here. I was perusing one this evening.
    It says of the attacks on the Bible

            "It has been also almost incessantly assailed by weapons of a far different
    kind, which to any other book would be more dangerous than either fire or
    sword. In these assaults, wit and ridicule have wasted all their shafts;
    misguided reason has been compelled, though reluctantly, to lend her aid;
    and after defeats innumerable, has been again dragged to the field. The
    arsenals of learning have been emptied to arm her for the contest; and in
    search of means to prosecute it with success, recourse has been had not only
    to remote ages and distant lands, but even to the bowels of the earth, and
    the regions of the stars: yet still the object of these attacks remains
    uninjured, while one army after another of its assailants has melted away."
    W. Nicholson, A Book That Will Suit You: Showing How The Christian Is
    Blessed with All Spiritual Blessings in Heavenly Places in Christ Jesus,"
    Halifax, UK: Milner and Sowerby, 1860), p. 229

    Sounds a bit like he doesn't believe the learned's view of the world. The
    reference to the stars, the bowels of the earth and remote ages, is
    obviously a reference to the science of the day. This book was in its 14th
    edition in 1860.


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