European Christianity

From: Graham E. Morbey (
Date: Sat Feb 01 2003 - 09:19:15 EST

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    Don Winterstein's comments about European Christianity is well taken.
    To suggest as an email did, that God is almost absent from the minds of
    "...most of the French " suggests that the author of those words has a
    god-like omniscience that no human possesses, that ignores the working
    of the Spirit in all images of God ( common grace, sensus deitatis,
    etc.) and betrays a selfish understanding of God's grace. It bears a
    false witness about our neighbours!

    The Netherlands has a very active Association for Christian philosophy
    that has borne fruit in the so-called secular universities and in their
    society. It has discussion groups located in various areas of the
    country on the relationship between Christianity and the broad range of
    theoretical thinking including what north Americans call the sciences.


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