Re: David Livingstone's take on geology and creation

From: george murphy (
Date: Fri Jan 31 2003 - 09:35:44 EST

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    "Stein A. Stromme" wrote:

    > [George Murphy]
    > | ... It should be seen as part of the general climate of scientific
    > | illiteracy - as shown, e.g. in a recent NSF study. E.g., only a
    > | bit more than half (54%) of Americans know that the earth goes
    > | around the sun once a year & fewer than that (48%) know that humans
    > | & dinosaurs weren't contemporaries (which of course is closely
    > | related to your point). Significant numbers believe in astrology &
    > | think that genes are found only in genetically modified organisms.
    > Is this study published on the web somewhere?

    Stein -
        You can find it at
    . It's one chapter of a survey of the state of US science & technology
    in 2002.

        Looking over that quickly, I don't see my last example (that genes
    are found only in genetically modified organisms). I may have picked
    that up somewhere else. (But it's not unlikely: Popular understanding
    of genetics is no better that that of astronomy or earth history.)

        I think it's also worth distinguishing between thinks that people
    simply don't know (the age of the earth, basic celestial mechanics &c) &
    things they "know" that aren't true - astrology &c. But a lot of popular
    creationism partakes of both.



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