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From: Loren Haarsma (
Date: Thu Jan 30 2003 - 09:29:13 EST

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    On Thu, 30 Jan 2003, Josh Bembenek wrote:
    > The following link contains a powerpoint presentation I have generated to
    > give a seminar at my local church entitled "Evolution in a Christian World."
    > Go to the site:

    Josh, you have a lot of good and important content in there. E.g.
    --Distinguishing Materialist worldviews from scientific claims,
    --Thinking carefully how one moves from one view to another,
    --Talking about different ways we can know something,
    --Fundamental harmony between scripture and physical reality, but
        possible conflict at level of human interpretation of each,
    --You summarize at least 3 views Christians can hold: YEC, old earth
        progressive creation, theistic evolution. (Some of us prefer the term
        "evolutionary creationist" for the last view.)
    All of that's good stuff.

    --On your slide with the eye, don't label the two views "creationist" and
       "evolutionist." Label the first view "anti-evolutionist" or something
       like that. After all, we can believe both that the complex eye
       evolved AND that God created it.
    --You may want to think about how you'll answer questions of hermeneutics.

    My wife and I have given talks to Christian groups on this and related
    topics. You might find some resources that are useful to you at:

    Loren Haarsma
    Calvin College

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