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From: Don Winterstein (
Date: Thu Jan 30 2003 - 08:28:28 EST

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    Douglas Hayworth wrote:

    > I am in total agreement that requiring Jesus' parables to be
    > accurate is absurd.

    If inerrancy were not such a big deal, people would not even be having this
    mustard-seed debate, would they? And for those who do not hold Scripture to
    be inerrant but still respect it, the parable's message for them would still
    be there in all its force. So to me an insistence on inerrancy seems to
    trade emphasis on enlightenment for endless debates over relatively trivial
    points. Furthermore, such debates historically have become causes for

    On the plus side, holding to inerrancy at least requires interpreters to
    interpret rather than merely dismiss. I'm thinking of people like the Jesus
    Seminar scholars, who according to _The Five Gospels_ dismiss much of the
    key material in the Gospels. They thus go way beyond what I would consider

    If you don't hold to inerrancy, as I really don't, the big question becomes,
    what are the acceptable limits? How much will I allow someone to dismiss
    without excluding him from my fellowship? The short answer is that,
    fortunately, it's not my job to judge. I think I could have fellowship with
    anyone who seems to have a basic respect for the authority of God and
    biblical teaching.

    I just don't see God as someone who is going to be uptight over whether you
    immerse or sprinkle, or whether you believe it's the real body and blood or
    a representation. God has more important things on his mind.


    PS - By the way, I'd like to thank those who responded to my request for
    feedback. You've taught me a lot. Among other things, you've taught me
    that I've been paying way too much attention to the atheists and skeptics
    both among my friends and in general, and way too little attention to people
    like yourselves. But without the Internet I'd never have known you existed.
    I conclude that OECs who accept something like traditional Christian
    theology need better PR.

    You've also taught me that I need to rework some phraseology on my personal


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