Re: Church Presentation Concerning Evolution

From: Josh Bembenek (
Date: Thu Jan 30 2003 - 00:26:54 EST

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    William Yates et al

    Just FYI, the power point presentation is in fact separate from the "notes"
    section on each slide. I wrote the notes on the fly today to try and
    outline the major points from the slides and cover the types of discussions
    I think are important to relay for the body, since I can't show up on
    everyone's computer and give the talk that will accompany the slides
    personally. Thanks for the editing notes, I will definitely make sure to go
    through everything on the slides for the final version, just wanted to clear
    that up in case folks thought the text would be presented along with the

    p.s. they just opened a mac store about 2 miles from me, very cool indeed


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