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Date: Wed Jan 29 2003 - 03:42:04 EST

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    (New York Post, November 2002)

    The "artesanal" process for making a San Teodoro Cigar its
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     best Spanish cedar wood cabinets, just imagine smoking the
     finest Cigar on the world in a cold night, in the living room near
     a fire or simply on the outside watching the sky and feeling its
     flavor. San Teodoro Cigar is made from the finest elements;
     its “añejamiento” and a magnificent clear cover give this Cigar
    its unique exquisite flavor elements, with touches of wood,
    caramel and coffee, this will be the last cigar you smoke in
     your life, we guarantied that every time you smoke it you will
     be experiencing the greatest moments of your life as a somker.

    When you open it you can feel its complex flavor coming out from
    the crystal tube, during the aging process San Teodoro is rested
    in Spanish cedar cabinets, this near virgin vanilla leaves, coffee
    grains and other spices that gives them its characteristically and
    exquisite flavor, all our cigars come individually in a crystal tube in
    order to maintain its humidity and flavor, also they come wrapped
    in a fine cedar wood inside the tube to continue with the aging
    process no matter where you got them. The crop for this year
    (1997-2003) comes only on Churchill size.

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