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Date: Tue Jan 28 2003 - 18:32:59 EST

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    > I agree. The meaning of the parable is what the focus should be on, not the
    > irrevelant question of whether Jesus gave attention to the science of seeds.
    > Now in this parable the mustard seed is compared to the kingdom of God. Why
    > has Jesus chosen the mustard seed?
    > In his analysis of the parable J. D. Crossan quotes Pliny the Elder on
    > the mustard plant: it grows wild and it will take over if you don't control
    > it. Even the garden variety, if not carefully controlled, will run ragged
    > through the garden. I know that from the experience of clearing mustard
    > (and thistle) plants out of my Kentucky field; they spring up, as Pliny
    > said, rapidly, and will quickly take over a field. So, one could interpret
    > Jesus' use of the mustard seed growing into a great bush to mean that the
    > Kingdom of God is like that, a reign that takes over, is very hard to
    > control, and goes where God wants it to go.

    I also agree. I just didn't have at my fingertips the great analysis Bob has
    provided... again.

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