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Date: Tue Jan 28 2003 - 16:51:42 EST

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    Good one Jack. From his use of "Catrboniferous" Livingstone accepted
    the geological time scale, and had no time for folk science


    Jack Haas wrote:

    > Greetings, I thought that you might get a chuckle from this writings
    > of Scottish missionary/explorer/physican David Livingstone
    > (1813-1873)Jack Haas ....In reading, every thing that I could lay my
    > hands on was devoured except novels. Scientific works and books of
    > travels
    > were my especial delight; though my father, believing, with many of
    > his time who ought to have known better, that the former
    > were inimical to religion, would have preferred to have seen me poring
    > over the "Cloud of Witnesses", or Boston's "Fourfold State"...In
    > recognizing the plants pointed out in my first medical book, that
    > extraordinary old work on astrological medicine, Culpeper's "Herbal",
    > I had the guidance of a book on the plants of Lanarkshire, by Patrick.
    > Limited as my time was, I found opportunities to scour the whole
    > country-side, "collecting simples".....On one of these exploring tours
    > we entered a limestone quarry --long before geology was so popular as
    > it is now. It is impossible to describe the delight and wonder with
    > which I began to collect the shells found in the carboniferous
    > limestone which crops out in High Blantyre and Cambuslang. A
    > quarry-man, seeing a little boy so engaged, looked with that pitying
    > eye which the benevolent assume when viewing the insane. Addressing
    > him with, "How ever did these shells come into these rocks?" "When
    > God made the rocks, he made the shells in them," was the damping
    > reply. What a deal of trouble geologists might have saved themselves
    > by adopting the Turk-like philosophy of this Scotchman!
    > From Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa; 1857
    > By David Livingstone, LL.D., D.C.L.,

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