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    Interesting to see Ruse using this title.

    Personally, I think that evo-devo folks certainly compete with narrow
    neo-Darwinian views. If that's how you neo-Darwinism = Darwinism then
    it's true of Darwinism as well. In my old essay on the ASA web site
    critiquing Mike Behe's views
    (, I raise all sorts
    of non-Darwinian "mechanisms" (endosymbiosis, self-organization, gene
    duplication, developmental gene mutations/"hopeful monster"
    mutations, et al.) to which could be added various now well known
    mechanisms such as whole genome duplication, genome merging,
    chromosome rearrangements, morphological restraints, etc. There's a
    very interesting discussion of a variety of these mechanism in Lynn
    Margulis' new book *Acquiring Genomes*. Toward the end of my review
    of *Darwin on Trial*
    ( I mention
    the new evo-devo synthesis that is suggested most strongly by Scott
    F. Gilbert's chapter on evolution in his Developmental Biology

    Frankly, I think that these ideas are well within an evolutionary
    paradigm and are fairly easily incorporated into a Darwinian paradigm
    as mechanisms of "mutation" on which selection can operate. I think
    were it not for the "need" of evolutionists to close ranks to stem
    the YEC/ID tide that there would be much more popular discussion of
    some of these things, but YEC/ID people have so quickly jumped on
    this discussion and then argued that all is not well in the evolution
    house that the ideas are not getting the hearing that they otherwise
    would. Too bad, I think.

    I wonder if Ruse is making a national tour--anyone know? I'd love to
    hear this lecture.


    >February 18
    >"Evo-Devo. Is This a Rival Paradigm to Darwinism?"
    > Michael Ruse, Ph.D.
    > Department of Philosophy
    > Florida State University
    > Hosted by: Fred Grinnell
    >Whew, I almost forgot he was coming to Southwestern. Thanks for the
    >preview and reminder, sounds interesting!!
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    >>Just back from a guest lecture by Michael Ruse, the main point of
    >>which was the non-incompatibility of faith and evolution, as
    >>exemplified by Darwin. It was rather peculiar hearing a good
    >>explanation of the gospel from a professed nonbeliever (in his
    >>discussion of creation science, etc. as a distraction from the
    >>point of Christianity). Ruse identified Darwin's views at the time
    >>he was thinking about evolution as deistic.
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