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Date: Tue Jan 28 2003 - 08:11:00 EST

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    >> >>Maybe it's because they know that Israel and no one else will benefit. I
    >> understand that there have been riots in which Muslims have attacked white
    >> people in the UK. I heard a story about a pub whose front door was blocked
    >> by a car and then set afire by Muslims while white patrons were inside. Is
    >> that true? Have you heard anything like that? <<<
    >> No, and I doubt that it is true. Most Muslims, like those within my
    >> extended family, are very nice and peaceful people. True there are some
    >> idiots but like the idiots in our culture, they are a minority. I probably
    >> won't respond to this type of note again.
    > I sincerely hope Glenn is right, but I fear that there may be more to this
    > story.

    I appreciate this response. I have nothing against Muslims or Jews or anybody
    else for that matter but I have been forced to notice certain facts that I
    cannot dismiss as happenstance. When I mention them some people reject me
    personally as if the messenger and the message are the same. They are not. I
    would be happy if I were wrong but here are a few observations:

    There is certainly much more to the story, it is a source of fear and
    trepidation and wholly relevant to Christianity. The uncontrolled immigration
    is occurring everywhere in the world there is Christian European stock and
    none of the involved countries can seem to stop it, including our friends
    down under in Australia. Anyone who notices that the flow of immigration is
    so big it is disrupting indigenous social systems and dares to oppose it is
    called a bigot and demonized in the media.

    Who thrives in a segmented, Balkanized society? David Sorkin, in his editor's
    preface to Sephardi Jewry, A History of the Judeo-Spanish Community in the
    14th-20th Centuries, perhaps unwittingly, provides an answer:

    “Until late in the nineteenth century, the Sephardi Jews constituted a
    unified ‘cultural sphere’ in the multi-ethnic polyglot Balkans that long
    remained the possession of the Ottoman Empire. The demise of that empire and
    the rise of nation-states spelled the decline of this cultural sphere.”

    Sephardi Jewry, A History of the Judeo-Spanish Community in the 14th-20th
    Centuries, David Sorkin,editor  (Benbassa & Rodrigue, U Of C Press, 1993)

    Consider the environment in which Sephardic communities thrive. Then consider
    this: In 738 B.C. after a protracted struggle, Israel became a tax-paying
    vassal of Assyria. “Assyrian policy sought to obliterate national entities by
    way of population transfer.” The mixed populace that resulted from the
    Assyrian conquest of ancient Israel were the Samaritans, still considered
    outcasts by religious Jews in the New Testament period. (from A Historical
    Atlas of the Jewish People from the time of the Patriarchs to the Present,
    Eli Barnavi,ed. (London, Kuperard, 1994) Page 22

    Now consider these abominations in Leviticus and then consider what Leviticus
    tells us is the result of committing such abominations then watch what the
    media is teaching your children and then consider what 'spewing out' means.

    Leviticus 18: 19-30
    You shall not approach a woman to have intercourse with her during her period
    of menstruation. You shall not have intercourse with the wife of your fellow
    countryman and so make yourself unclean with her. You shall not surrender any
    of your children to Molech and thus profane the name of your God; I am the
    Lord. You shall not lie with a man as with a woman: that is an abomination.
    You shall not have sexual intercourse with any beast: that is a violation of
    nature. You shall not make yourself unclean in any of these ways; for in
    these ways, the heathen, whom I am driving out before you, made themselves
    unclean. For the land will not spew you out for making it unclean as it
    spewed them out; for anyone who does any of these abominable things shall be
    cut off from his people. Observe my charge therefore, and follow none of the
    abominable institutions customary before your time; do not make yourselves
    unclean with them. I am the Lord your God.

    All of the above abominations lower birth rates.

    That's enough for now.

    Thanks bpayne for simply being 'open' to what is happening and having the
    good sense to be fearful.


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