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    >>Maybe it's because they know that Israel and no one else will benefit.
    I understand that there have been riots in which Muslims have attacked
    white people in the UK. I heard a story about a pub whose front door was
    blocked by a car and then set afire by Muslims while white patrons were
    inside. Is that true? Have you heard anything like that? <<<

    No, and I doubt that it is true. Most Muslims, like those within my
    extended family, are very nice and peaceful people. True there are some
    idiots but like the idiots in our culture, they are a minority. I
    probably won't respond to this type of note again.

    I sincerely hope Glenn is right, but I fear that there may be more to
    this story. Last year I got a post from my Jewish brother in law about
    how bad things were for Jews in Europe. I have a missionary friend who
    was in Europe at the time and I forwarded the post to him for his
    comments. Here is an edited version of his response:

    I can't confirm each incident - but I can confirm that there are about 5
    million Muslims in France and more arriving each day -
    There are a lot of open radicals and France has security problems with
    They have been many threats against missionary friends who work in France
    and the situation is so bad that I know of some folks who have planed to
    evacuate from France - should a war break out with Iraq. They feel that
    their lives would be in danger - they have already moved once because one
    place they lived they were under constant harassment.

    Any Jew events in Germany are quite common - but also anti foreigner
    violence is common as well.

    Both Germany and France and Russia have major economic interests in Iraq
    - Russia to the tune of between 10 and 20 billion US dollars, France and
    Germany to a lesser extent - France has sold chemical weapons to Iraq in
    the past - for defense purposes - because - Iran has them -and The US did
    it as well on a very limited scale.

    The big game that was just played out at the UN - France, Germany, and
    Russia were all pulling against the US.

    France - Internal unrest - a huge Muslim population - maybe 10% of the
    country - economic interests in Iraq and all over the middle east -- and
    just national pride to show that they could make the US pay attention to
    them - as I read the French press it seems that they are obsessed with
    the US - and they are always upset that the US does not heed their advice
    more - you really can not pick up a French newspaper that does not have a
    story about the US - each day.

    Germany - They were in the middle of elections - which the western press
    did not cover that angle much - the election was tight and the Head of
    Germany was trying to grab every vote he could - Muslim and anti-US as
    well. once the election was over and he won - he became much more
    "friendly" - also big financial interest in the middle east as well.

    Russia - had been looking for a promise that they would not lose their
    investment - $10 billion + in oil well equipment to Iraq. And other ties
    in the middle east.

    All of Europe pays 2 to 4 times what the US does for gas for cars -
    because they have almost no natural resources - a change in the price of
    oil hits their economies harder than it does ours.

    In Holland there are over a million Muslim refuges - there was a right
    wing politician who was saying that these guys should be forced to leave
    - He was shot - dead.

    Britain has a huge Muslim pop. and it is getting bigger. And has internal
    security issues because of it.

    It is said that there are more Muslims in Europe than in the middle east.
     With huge families they continue to grow in political power and economic

    One thing has been made clear over and over again - if the US would just
    stop supporting Israel - we would not be such bad guys - but since we are
    the arm of protection over the Jews - we are hated - greatly.

    Even Christians in Switzerland - see the US as THE bad guys - they find
    it horrible that we could even "talk about making war when we are at
    least as bad as the terrorists" - that was a direct quote from a life
    time missionary from Europe.

    I have other American friends in school with me and they have really felt
    pressured since they got here - and it is nothing compared to France. I
    could go on.

    But I will finish up with a quote from a radical Muslim in Britain - he
    supports Ben Laden - "in thought only" - he has said on the TV news that
    the plan is to have such large families and have so many immigrants that
    Muslims become the major political power in Europe. Thus taking over a
    unified Europe. And that's stuff said in public!

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