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Date: Mon Jan 27 2003 - 19:59:51 EST

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    > We need to get away from the myth that Inerrancy =YEC. It is not a
    > necessary consequence.
    > Michael

    The following is from a USENET post I made in April 1989(!) that became
    the basis for the inerrancy FAQ of soc.religion.christian:

    [N.B. Be careful what you say on the Internet it can last a long time!
          You can still find this at


    >Here is an interesting turn of events. Most inerrantists who are
    >specialists in the field (and particularly OT scholars) do not hold to
    >the "literal" six-day creation. An example of this thought is Gleason
    >Archer. It seems that inerrantists and six-day creationists are thought
    >to be one and the same, but from what I can tell six-day creationists
    >are only a small subset of inerrantists.

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