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Date: Mon Jan 27 2003 - 14:42:43 EST

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    Sorry to nit-pick but Orr did not accept inerrancy and nor did many British
    evangelicals throughout the 19th century.
    Having said that MOST of the ardent defenders of inerrancy up to 1980 were
    old-earthers. I cannot think of any inerrantists who were YEC before WWII,
    though Ted Davis will provide a few for me! But I dont think he will
    contradict me!
    We need to get away from the myth that Inerrancy =YEC. It is not a necessary

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    Some of the most ardent defenders of inerrancy were and are believers in
    an old earth. This includes Benjamin Warfield and also Dr. Orr, who wrote
    on science in The Fundamentals. Today Hugh Ross and his Reasons to Believe
    organization fit into this category. The International Council on Biblical
    Inerrancy appears to have favored an old-earth view, and YEC Henry Morris
    refused to sign the statement drawn up at that meeting.

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    On Thu, 23 Jan 2003, Don Winterstein wrote:

    > So what I'd like is feedback on two topics: 1) Some evaluation
    (seat-of-pants OK) of old-Earth Christians who still hold to biblical
    inerrancy. Are there large numbers of these people? Insight on why they
    are so attached to the Book as a repository of facts would be helpful. 2)
    How much of a problem does the haphazard nature of organic evolution pose to
    old-Earth Christians? And if it's no problem, why not? I know it's not a
    problem for some-namely, those who are eager to trash traditional theology
    and Scripture at the least drop of a scientific hat. I don't have a lot of
    respect for such people and have difficulty at times regarding them as
    Christian. But what about those Christians who still feel a need to retain
    basic teachings?

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