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    The commandment "You shall not steal." Ex. 20:15 makes it clear that even kleptomania is not pleasing to God. Perhaps aberrant type of behaviors are there so that the rest of us learn how to be compassionate, loving, etc. and thus help and deal with kleptomaniacs, homosexuals, etc. The same can be said of any other issue that is not pleasing to God. Bad marriages, children with Down Syndrome, etc. occur in our lives so that we exercise the gifts of love and caring in order to please God. Divorcing, aborting, etc. is a way to avoid the works that God wants to do on us. Moorad

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    >We all have physiologically (genetically) based propensities to be
    >fornicators, adulterers, homosexuals, drug addicts, drunkards, etc. Are
    >we, therefore, to define such behaviors as none sinful? Science will one
    >day enable us to determine beforehand who is likely to become a criminal.

    Maybe, but how will you prevent it? I used to know a person who was a
    kleptomaniac. His parents were aware of it since he was very young, so
    they counted the pennies every night, and watched him almost
    continually. He did not grow out of it. How will you determine that
    beforehand. To my knowledge he was the only kletomaniac in a large family.

    Jan de Koning

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