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Date: Sun Jan 26 2003 - 22:50:48 EST

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    On Sat, 25 Jan 2003 09:45:34 -0000 "Glenn Morton"
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    > Not having ever experienced the phenomenon, I can only speculate on
    > makes rods move. My guess is this. Nerves fire spontaneously and
    > of our nervous system have several redundancies to avoid and control
    > phenomenon. My guess is that the random firing of the nerves in your
    > and hands cause it to move.

    You should try dowsing sometime and, if the rods move in your hands, see
    if you still say that. In my case, I was holding tightly to each rod
    with each hand. I was skeptical of dowsing and assumed that some slight
    tilting of the hand was causing the rods to swing around. Therefore, as
    I walked I was careful to watch my hands, holding them steady, and
    holding tightly to each rod. When I crossed the area where the rods had
    moved for the two engineers, I was startled to feel them twisting,
    pulling against the skin in my hands. I am absolutely certain that my
    hands did not tilt. Something besides gravity and/or my nerves moved

    Going back to the old man with the twig and dollar finding his watch, the
    twig bent out near the end, not close to his hands.

    When I came to the point of realizing that this effect was demonic, I
    re-read the gospel instances where Jesus confronted demons. The passages
    took on a whole new dimension of reality for me.
    > I am not in agareement with you on this issue. Does that mean that
    > has been found by dowsing? No. THe largest field in Michigan, Albion
    > Scipio, was found by a witcher. What is missing from anecdotal
    > like that are the huge percentage of witchers who drill dry holes.
    > The phenomenon can best be explained by noting that even a blind pig
    > occasionally finds an acorn.

    Again, this is not the issue. I agree with you here. I am not
    advocating dowsing.


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