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Date: Sun Jan 26 2003 - 02:05:02 EST

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    Dear Messrs,

    Please be informed that I  was born is a respectable muslim family of a country where 90% people are Muslim. About one decade ago I started "Telling about Jesus" among my fellow people within framework of their religion, Islam. People, especially poor or somehow exploited, responded actively and the number who decided to follow Jesus soared enormously, which offended those fundamentalists and the local government. Meanwhile Bangladesh government made Islam as their officially registered state religion and began to persecute this movement causing a serious shims within them. Some confessed their folly and went back to Islam and some were caught and sent to prison where they were tortured repeatedly for their faith as far as their life was endangered. Those persecution has been reported to the U.S. Department of State.

    After several tortures I fled through India and Hong Kong and to Japan and then I appealed to the Japanese Government for protection as Political Asylum. Upon having scrutinizing the documents concerning this movement and my Testimony - Japanese government find these are true and considered my case as Special Permission for Long Term Resident.

    As firmly as before I am determined to go back to Bangladesh again following my calling to share Jesus.  Present situation will not allow me to make happen what I am called for. However, it is needless to mention that how tragic it is that having how much trouble & pathetic situation we fled the country for Christ Jesus. We are passing our days with much fears and tears and maintaining livelihood with great difficuties.  In these circumstances our family is going to fall apart. This prompts me to inform you as a disciple Christ in trail who has been called by the same Lord as you are that we are in dire necessity of raising some funds. Finding no other way, I am approaching you earnestly hoping that you may extend your helping hand along with prayer support in this hour of my dire necessity. Please, therefore, send me love donation with your might and encourage to screen m! e to prove it deserve it for Christ Jesus. Hope you will be sensitive and faithful enough to discern what's going around me, Please.

    Please find my bank details: Kanto Bank, A/C# 131012-31032067-010, Name: CHOWDHURY ABRAHAM J, Itako-Shi (Branch), Ibaraki-ken,Japan.


    United in Jesus Love,

    Abraham J. Chowdhury, Ibaraki-ken, Itako-shi, Hinode 1-12-2, Century S1-101, Post Code: 311-2423, Tel : 299-66-933


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