Re: Friends, Expats, and war

From: George Murphy (
Date: Sat Jan 25 2003 - 17:19:32 EST

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    John Burgeson wrote:
    > Glenn wrote: "As the country goes to war, we should not forget that
    > innocent people on both sides will pay the ultimate price."
    > Those who would like to register a protest against our rushing into war
    > without UN approval can visit the site to sign a petition.
    > It is likely that some here will want to do that and others will regard
    > doing so as almost an immoral action.

            One could certainly say that it would be immoral to express support for the
    present Iraqi regime. (I am not thinking of Iraqis themselves, who face death if they
    dissent.) OTOH I can't see how anyone could say that failure to express support for war
    with Iraq is immoral - though some may indeed do so.
            I think it debatable whether the traditional criteria which justify going to war
    (_jus ad bellum_) have been met, though I would be willing to give the administration
    the benefit of the doubt on that. But it seems certain that, as in almost all recent
    conflicts, the traditional conditions for just conduct of war (_jus in bello_) will not
    be adhered to. There will be a lot of innocent people killed.


    George L. Murphy

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