Re: Friends, Expats, and war

Date: Sat Jan 25 2003 - 16:44:38 EST

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    > No, and I doubt that it is true. Most muslims, like those within my extended
    > family, are very nice and peaceful people. True there are some idiots but
    > like the idiots in our culture, they are a minority. I probably won't
    > respond to this type of note again.
    > glenn

    I asked a question of you - I didn't make an accusation nor did I express my
    affinities. I had read an article that a British Nationalist Party had
    received help from the Sikhs in local elections because of their mutual fear
    of rioting Muslims and the pub fire was central to the story. I didn't ask
    you about most Muslims or your family or offer a critique of same. I won't
    ask you again.

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