RE: Friends, Expats, and war

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Date: Sat Jan 25 2003 - 15:10:15 EST

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    >You are in no more danger in Britain than in the USA.

    I agree with you. But I don't think the danger is zero either place. I
    expect attacks when the war starts. I simply can't believe that MI5 and the
    FBI have gotten all the bad guys.

    Also I think Saddam
    >has started to bend so hopefully will pull out of his brinkmanship. Despite
    >the pacifists I think Bush's strategy has partially worked as he
    >holds a gun
    >to Saddam's head.

    The present strategy really isn't working because Saddam is only playing a
    game by appearing to cooperate but not doing anything substantive. I noted
    that Blair's government released some documents concerning the distribution
    of chemical suits and atropine to elite Iraqi troops. That doesn't seem
    highly supportive for the concept that he has no chemical weapons.

    Most of the christian churches (especially here in the UK) seem inalterably
    opposed to any war, no matter the cause. Why is it that way? Is it because
    of the crusades?


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