RE: Friends, Expats, and war

From: Glenn Morton (
Date: Sat Jan 25 2003 - 12:52:24 EST

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    >Glenn wrote: "As the country goes to war, we should not forget that
    >innocent people on both sides will pay the ultimate price."
    >Those who would like to register a protest against our rushing into war
    >without UN approval can visit the site to sign a petition.

    I will clear up my position. Sadly, I think we have to do this but I don't
    think it is going to be a lark. Because of that, I won't be signing a
    petition. I think the Europeans are once again digging their heads in the
    sand like Chamberlain did in 1939. THat doesn't mean I have any desire to
    see any of the innocent on either side die.


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