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Date: Sat Jan 25 2003 - 11:46:47 EST

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    > Thus, I'd argue that no human being, Christian or not, can ever have "true"
    > knowledge of cows, chickens, or quantum mechanics. Etc. So when you
    > (paraphrasing Van Til) write: "Thus, only believers, who by the grace of
    > God
    > confess the true God, can have true knowledge, ... ." he errs big time.
    > Somehow I think we can both agree that this area (worldview) is fundamental.

    If no human being can ever have 'true' knowledge - of what import is your
    fundamental agreement? This is simply relativism 'big time." Franz Boas
    called it historical particularism which can be paraphrased as "you can't say
    anything about anything unless and until you know everything which is the
    same as saying you can't say anything at all. What actions are appropriate if
    one cannot have true knowledge of anything at all? What dialog can there be?
    What concerted action?

    In the Book of Leviticus, Chapter 18, the Lord tells Moses that the
    Israelites are not to conform to the institutions of Canaan or Egypt. The
    Lord then introduces a host of sexual taboos, among them a prohibition
    against sacrificing to Moloch. But what I found most interesting is what the
    Lord says after he lists the prohibitions.

    He goes on to say, “You shall not make yourselves unclean in any of these
    ways, for in these ways the heathen, whom I am driving out before you, made
    themselves unclean. This is how the land became unclean, and I punished it
    for its iniquity so that it spewed out its inhabitants. You, unlike them,
    shall keep my laws and my rules: none of you, whether natives or aliens
    settled among you, shall do any of these abominable things. The people who
    were there before you did these abominable things and the land became
    unclean. So the land will not spew you out for making it unclean as it spewed
    them out; for anyone who does any of these abominable things shall be cut off
    from his people. Observe my charge therefore, and follow none of the
    abominable institutions customary before your time; do not make yourselves
    unclean with them. I am the Lord your God.”

    It would appear that the Lord says if you do not have this 'true' knowledge
    you will be 'spewed out of the land.' Since it is calculated that there have
    been 40 million abortions in this country in the last 30 years and
    immigration has been stepped up to a massive flow to replace our shrunken
    numbers, is it not true that we have been 'spewed out' of the land for
    sacrificing to Moloch as the immigrants are being 'spewed in' to replace us?

    A simple truth about the efficacy of God's Law and 'true' knowledge cannot be
    deduced from these passages in Scripture?


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