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Date: Sat Jan 25 2003 - 04:45:34 EST

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    Bill wrote:

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    >As much time as you have spent around drills,Glenn, I suspect you have
    >observed, and maybe experienced, this phenomenon. What do you believe
    >makes the rods move?

    Not having ever experienced the phenomenon, I can only speculate on what
    makes rods move. My guess is this. Nerves fire spontaneously and circuitry
    of our nervous system have several redundancies to avoid and control this
    phenomenon. My guess is that the random firing of the nerves in your arms
    and hands cause it to move.

    >Are you in agreement, Glenn, that dowsing rods do actually move in
    >response to some unseen force? If so, what is the force?

    I am not in agareement with you on this issue. Does that mean that nothing
    has been found by dowsing? No. THe largest field in Michigan, Albion
    Scipio, was found by a witcher. What is missing from anecdotal accounts
    like that are the huge percentage of witchers who drill dry holes. The
    phenomenon can best be explained by noting that even a blind pig
    occasionally finds an acorn.


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