Friends, Expats, and war

From: Glenn Morton (
Date: Sat Jan 25 2003 - 04:25:41 EST

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    Yesterday an announcement went out to all Americans living overseas
    everywhere to be ready for evacuation at a moment's notice. The
    announcement seems to even include places like Scotland. While I don't feel
    particularly worried about the imminent outbreak of war, this upcoming war
    will be different than all other wars.

    For the past two and a half years, we have lived in a transient community of
    oil industry expats [occasionally self-referred to as 'oil field trash'
    :-) ]. All of us know that we are in a particular place for a short time.
    From here, people go to other places all over the world. Friends with whom
    we have gone to church, had dinner and with whom we have partied, are now in
    places like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Indonesia--places where their
    danger is great. I know that various companies have evacuation plans. My
    wife, yesterday, spoke with a friend in Kuwait concerning their situation
    and they are ready to leave immediately. A war looks different when you
    have friends in its path.

    In the UK, the fear is that there will be terrorist activity when the war
    breaks out. Already we have had several people in London arrested with
    ricin, the poison that the Bulgarian government used years ago to kill the
    BBC presenter, Georgi Markov. Guys were arrested in Spain yesterday with C4
    and maps of London. And that is why everyone is becoming more security

    My thoughts are with my friends in those strange and exotic places which now
    appear so dangerous. As the country goes to war, we should not forget that
    innocent people on both sides will pay the ultimate price.


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