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Date: Fri Jan 24 2003 - 22:14:44 EST

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    On Fri, 24 Jan 2003 06:06:08 -0000 "Glenn Morton"
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    > Are you suggesting that Petersen is correct that they hired a band of
    > trumpet players or Buddhist monks who made the stones fly through the
    > Bill, surely you are more skeptical than that!!!!

    I don't believe trumpets or monks made the stones fly, no.
    > The way they moved them was the way other ancient cultures (including
    > in Aberdeenshire and the Orkney Islands in Scotland). They used ropes,
    > hundreds of men and lots of time. They most assuredly didn't use the
    > high school band to make the stones fly across the sky.
    > By the way, when I went to the Orkneys to see the archaeological sites
    > there, I learned that 8 men were able to raise a standing stone (one of
    > Stones of Stenness) without using any modern equipment. THis was done
    > during the restoration of the site. They used levers and dirt.

    When I was in Marine Corps training, our platoon of about 30 raised a
    creosote telephone pole which weighed probably close to two thousand
    pounds, dropped it into a hole in the sand, plumed the pole, packed sand
    around the base to secure it, and then spent half a day racing up the
    pole with spikes. You gotta love the low-cost, innovating training those
    Marines can come up with.

    Raising the pole was surprisingly easy. We set the base of the pole
    next to the hole, with a shallow trench coming out from the hole beneath
    the pole. Half of us got under the top end and lifted it, allowing the
    butt end to seesaw down into the shallow trench and the top of the hole,
    while the other half pulled on a rope tied to the top end. As the top
    got up over our heads and we continued to push, those with the rope were
    pulling and raised it the rest of the way. When it was vertical it
    dropped into the hole with a thud.

    I used a similar method to single-handedly raise three creosote poles
    that are about ten feet tall and weigh maybe 500 pounds each, by tying a
    rope from the top of each pole to a nearby pine tree, taking a turn or
    two of the rope around the base of the pine, pulling sideways on the
    rope, and quickly pulling the slack out of the rope by sliding it around
    the pine before the pole could fall back down. The poles were initially
    at an angle of ~30 degrees since they were resting on a slope where I
    built my shed.

    So I have no problem believing that people can do amazing things with
    simple tools. However, I have felt the movement of dowsing rods in my
    hands as the result of some unseen force. I do not believe there are
    electrical or magnetic forces associated with water, gold or what have
    you - I am personally convinced that the rods moved in response to
    demonic forces. When I felt them move I was startled and prayed in my
    mind, "God, I don't know what's going on here, but if this is not from
    you please take it away." I turned around and walked back the same path,
    but when I crossed the area where the rods had moved for me (and for two
    engineers who I had been harassing until they challenged me to try it),
    the rods did not move. I turned back around and retraced my original
    path, and still the rods did not move when I crossed over the same area.

    As much time as you have spent around drills,Glenn, I suspect you have
    observed, and maybe experienced, this phenomenon. What do you believe
    makes the rods move? Incidentally, in this case the rods were brasing
    rods about 3/16" in diameter and about 1.5 feet long, bent into the shape
    of an "L". The short leg of the "L" was held in each hand, with the long
    leg pointing straight ahead. I have seen a similar thing done with
    copper wire and also with a car radio antenna mounted on a ball swivel.

    The first time I observed dowsing I was about 12 and an old man visiting
    in our neighborhood came out and told a playmate and me that "money would
    find money." We asked him what he meant so he took his pocket knife and
    cut a twig about two feet long from a nearby tree, split the top end,
    folded a dollar bill in half twice, stuck it in the end of the twig, then
    took his gold pocket watch out, handed it to me and said "Go hide it in
    the grass and I'll find it." We were on a grass- and leaf-covered
    basketball court. While he stood off to one side with his back to us, I
    completely hid his watch beneath grass and leaves.

    We moved away from the area and told him we were ready. He held the twig
    in his bony hands with his thumbnail pressing on the top of the base of
    the twig. When he got within about six feet of the watch the twig began
    to quiver and the end with the dollar began to pull down as though it had
    a fishing line attached to it and had hooked a fish. I remember
    remarking to my friend that the twig was bending out near the end, while
    the foot or so of the twig just above his hands remained straight. He
    swung the twig from side to side to see what direction to move. As he
    followed the pull of the twig he got right over his watch. By this time
    the end of the twig was pulling straight down and pointing at a
    particular spot in the grass and leaves, regardless of which way he moved
    his hands. He said, "My watch is right there", reached out with his foot
    and moved the leaves, which - to our absolute utter amazement -uncovered
    his watch.

    I am well aware of how bizarre all of this sounds, yet these are my own
    experiences. I'm sure there are others here who could recount similar
    experiences. You're likely right that the stones at Tiahuanaco were
    moved by men, but with evidence of dowsing how can we be sure that demons
    would not do the same thing for men who were willing to sell their souls
    to Satan? If demons can move a twig or a rod, then they should be able
    to move a 100-ton stone.

    Are you in agreement, Glenn, that dowsing rods do actually move in
    response to some unseen force? If so, what is the force?


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