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Date: Fri Jan 24 2003 - 15:57:47 EST

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    Dear List,

    I want to take a poll of active members (and perhaps motivated
    lurkers). Until such a time as I can get the new software that I plan
    to use installed, we have two choices:

    1. Unmoderated list with faster turn around on posts with the
    negative side-effect of some spam (not all) coming through. (You will
    be responsible to manage your own spam.)


    2. Moderated list with longer turn-around times on posts (usually
    approvals happening once or twice a day--occasional longer delays
    depending on my circumstances) with the positive side-effect of no

    Please respond to me directly and not the list with your vote 1 or 2.
    I stopped moderating because I felt like my delays in approving posts
    was posing a serious bottleneck in the discussion. Clearly, the tempo
    of discussion has picked up (whether quality has is not clear). But,
    also the amount of spam has picked up.

    The new software should take care of this dilemma, but I'm not sure
    when I will get to making the transition.

    BTW, I don't mind moderating, it's just that I can't commit to
    instant turn-around. Moderating takes about 10-20 seconds extra
    (besides reading the post which I do anyway). So the time demand
    isn't that great, it's just the timeliness demand. I personally think
    that slowing down the discussion always improves it, but not everyone
    agrees with that.

    I'll take responses for a few days and then make a decision based on
    the majority response.


    Terry M. Gray, Ph.D., Computer Support Scientist
    Chemistry Department, Colorado State University
    Fort Collins, Colorado  80523
    phone: 970-491-7003 fax: 970-491-1801

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