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Date: Fri Jan 24 2003 - 01:06:08 EST

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    >> "The enormous 'Gateway to the Sun' is hewn from a single rock
    >> and weighs as much as 10 tons. Other single cut stones here weigh
    >> up to 100 tons! Like the other volcanic building stones of this
    >> center, it was moved from a quarry at least 60 miles away across
    >> rough terrain without wheels and roads! How did they do it?
    >Assuming that the quarry may have been at a lower altitude as well as
    >distant, how do you propose that the ancients moved stones weighing up to
    >100 tons up to an elevation of 13,000 feet?

    Are you suggesting that Petersen is correct that they hired a band of
    trumpet players or Buddhist monks who made the stones fly through the air?
    Bill, surely you are more skeptical than that!!!!

    The way they moved them was the way other ancient cultures (including those
    in Aberdeenshire and the Orkney Islands in Scotland). They used ropes,
    hundreds of men and lots of time. They most assuredly didn't use the local
    high school band to make the stones fly across the sky.

    By the way, when I went to the Orkneys to see the archaeological sites up
    there, I learned that 8 men were able to raise a standing stone (one of the
    Stones of Stenness) without using any modern equipment. THis was done
    during the restoration of the site. They used levers and dirt.

    If you want to see such standing stones see:

    This is the ring of Brogar. The stone on the left of the photo is about 200
    yards from me and it is about 15 feet high. The stones in the distance are
    bigger than that one. As I said, people were able to lift these stones
    upright using only levers and dirt and lots of muscle power.


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