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Date: Thu Jan 23 2003 - 11:57:36 EST

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    > . I have often heard and read that the relationship of Christ to His
    > apostles may have had certain homosexual leanings.

    There was a play whose author escapes me and even the name of the play which
    might have been The Last Supper, some of you may know of it and that's where
    you might have heard of it. I was invited to a demonstration of Christians
    against the play at the Manhattan Theatre Club. Christians were barricaded
    out in the street on one side of the theatre club and homosexuals with Norman
    Lear leading them were ridiculing us as we prayed, on the other. The play
    presented The Last Supper as a food fight and Jesus's possible homosexual
    relationships. Pure propaganda and an excellent example of homosexuals not
    understanding their responsibilities (the Christian homosexuals).
    It is impossible for Jesus to have said and did the things He did and be a
    homosexual. Not because he was a prude but because his entire life was a
    demonstration of the will over the body. Not to have willed (it was God's
    will after all) and achieved mastery over the body in every respect but
    sexual desire would have been a glaring anomaly in another wise perfect self
    sacrifice and all the religious people around Him would've seen His
    hypocrisy. It didn't happen.

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