Re: An interesting essay for evangelicals

Date: Wed Jan 22 2003 - 21:51:24 EST

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    > I agree with Terry and Burgy. I am a geologist, not a doctor; therefore, my
    > understanding of behavior in psychiatric terms is limited. Given that
    > limitation, I have read that the underlying cause for most antisocial
    > behavior
    > is a chemical disorder within the brain. This does not in any way excuse
    > sin. The next step is to decide what sin is.
    > We cannot base our standard of truth on any man-made rules but only on the
    > real Truth. Jesus Christ claimed to be the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
    > As
    > a Christian, I must base my standard of right and wrong on Jesus Christ,
    > what
    > He believed, and what He said. Because of this, the Bible is my standard
    > for
    > truth because I believe the Bible is the true word of God. The Bible
    > clearly
    > states that homosexuality is wrong; therefore, I believe it is wrong.
    > We must each come to know the standard and live by it. Can I do this
    > perfectly? NO! But I can do it gracefully - thanks to the mercy and grace
    > of
    > God.
    > Sheila

    Beautifully said! BRAVO!! BRAVO!!!!

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