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Date: Wed Jan 22 2003 - 14:17:26 EST

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    "Perfect" may just be semantics. God said Adam and Eve were "good." Without
    looking up the original Hebrew, I do not know if that actually means perfect;
    however, the Bible does say that they were without sin. Does this mean

    God's idea of perfect and mine are usually completely different but, in
    developing my relationship with him, I am learning. For example, Jesus said
    that unless we become like little children, we will not enter the kingdom of
    heaven. Little kids don't really "do" a lot of stuff to earn their way into
    anywhere. Parents love them because of who they are, not because of what they
    can do or how much money they earn or how good they are. Yet in our twisted
    sense of God and heaven, we try to earn our way to heaven.


    Quoting Michael Roberts <>:

    > What do you mean by perfect? Where is Genesis does it say A and E were
    > created perfect?
    > Michael

    Sheila McGinty

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