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Date: Wed Jan 22 2003 - 11:25:50 EST

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    Rch wrote many things about my comment that my homosexual friends did not
    choose their orientation. I reply to some of his comments.

    >>Where is the proof that they did not choose?>>

    "proof in an absolute sense is, of course, not possible. I accept their
    testimony, on the basis that I accept them as good people, devout
    Christians, etc.

    >>You mean their genes make them have sex with one another? There is no
    >>proof that homosexuality is innate. NONE. If there is, produce it. and
    >>even if you could show that there is a tendency for ultra feminized males
    >>to become homosexual, how do you account for men in prison who are forced
    >>to become homosexual or boys who are raped and become homosexual
    >>(Montgomery Clift comes to mind - if I'm not mistaken he was raped as a
    >>boy and eventually killed himself). Did their genes cause them to be

    There is no content in what you write to which I wish to respond.

    >>How do you candy coat homosexual rape?>>

    I do not. Rape is a crime, whether homosexual or heterosexual.

    >>And how does it fit into the "homosexuality is a valid life style" thing?
    >> >>

    It does not. Heterosexual rape also does not fit into a valid life style.

    >>There is no scientific proof for what you are saying. >>

    I have commented before on the rather silly concept of a "scientific proof."

    >>>A healthy people does not condone homosexuality. Zoroastrians are against
    >>>homosexuality precisely because it lowers birth rates. So are Orthodox
    >>>Jewish communities.>>

    Those are three claims. Without grounds, they are simply opinions. Believe
    them if you wish.

    >>Do you believe these other religious communities are hateful and
    >>intolerant? >>

    Of course not. And the essay I posted by Roy Clements was a plea for
    tolerance. That's something I have spent a lifetime advocating. I am even
    (usually) tolerant of those who are intolerant. <G>

    John W. Burgeson (Burgy)

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