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Date: Wed Jan 22 2003 - 07:01:37 EST

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    RE: letter below this note:

    It's too bad Terry is not screening right now. I've received several of
    these attempts at scamming (this is the first I know to have received
    through spamming) over the past several months. But I trust that those of
    us who remember the dictum in 1 Tim. (6:10) that "the love of money is a
    root of all kinds of evil" will not even nibble on this baited hook.

    Believe me, this is not the Mr. Jerry Adams of Northern Ireland's Sinn Fein
    political party. If you Google this name, you'll get on the first page of
    results "AISK (American International School of Kabul) - Advice: List of
    Scammers" ( Included in a very
    lengthy list is the name "Jerry Adams." The list is preceeded with the
    advice, "This is a list of scammers and their email addresses. Do not send
    an email to any of these addresses." Good advice. Several months ago,
    National Public Radio in the US did a segment on this scamming operation.
    It comes out of several African countries, though Nigerians seem to
    predominate. The letter below is a variation on a common theme: the money
    is locked up in a bank; it can be released but not to a citizen; if you
    agree to help and give your bank account number you will get a generous
    percentage of the money. I have to say that "Jerry Adams" is a piker; $29.5
    million? others have offered more than $60 million.

    Bob Schneider
    Deck Hill Tracking Service

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    > Mr. Jerry Adams
    > Tel:234-8033302203
    > Federal Airport Authority
    > of Nigeria (FAAN)
    > Ikeja - Nigeria
    > Dear Sir,
    > I hope this message will reach you in the best of health and
    > eceive your prompt attention, even as we have not had any previous
    > correspondence before. Kindly reach me immediately for details should
    > you agree to its contents.
    > I am a principal accountant and the Chairman of the Federal
    > Tenders Board Committee to the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria
    > (FAAN). This message isto solicit for your kindness in assisting me to
    > transfer some
    > amount of fund from my country to your country.
    > The total amount of fund is US$29.5Million (twenty nine million,
    > five hundred thousand United States Dollars)which resulted from
    > various contracts
    > awarded by my ministry to some foreign firms in which the
    > contract bills were slightly inflated by us members of the Tenders
    > Board Committee with the sole
    > aim of having the excess fund for our subsequent use.
    > Presently, all the foreign firms that executed the projects
    > concerned have been paid their bills accordingly and the projects
    > have been commissioned for use. At this juncture, we now want to
    > claim and transfer the excess fund using a foreign company since
    > foreign contractors originally executed the contracts. Also, we as
    > civil servants are not allowed to operate domiciliary nor foreign
    > account, therefore, we cannot claim this fund locally, hence the
    > necessity for this contact with you.
    > We have decided to embark on this transaction now that we have
    > new civilian administration. Our aim is to present your name as a
    > true beneficiary of the fund.
    > The total fund (US$29.5M) will then be remitted into any
    > designated bank account as shall be recommended by you. The relevant
    > authorities will be made to believe that your company executed some
    > contracts for my ministry to
    > which payment is due to be effected.
    > In this regard therefore, you will be required to present a
    > suitable bank account that will accommodate the total amount of fund.
    > The moment the bank account details are received from you, it will
    > only take a maximum duration of 7-9working days to have all documentations
    > complied and
    > the fund remitted to your account.
    > On completion of this transaction, we have resolved to give you
    > 25% of the fund for your efforts and assistance rendered; 5% will be
    > used to settle any expenses that might be incurred on the process of
    > this transaction both from our end and your end while the remaining
    > 70% will be for us.
    > I will be disposed to giving the details of this proposal as soon as I
    > receive your confirmation signifying your interest in this proposal and
    > willingness to assist in its
    > realization.
    > Kindly reach me through the above email address or above stated
    > Telephone or fax number for more details on how we shall commence the
    > whole transaction.
    > Permit me to stress the confidential nature of this transaction
    > and does not matter any particular field of trade to prosecute this
    > transaction. Above all, let trust and honesty be our watchword
    > throughout this business.
    > Awaiting your kind response.
    > Yours faithfully,
    > Mr. Jerry Adams

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