Re: An interesting essay for evangelicals

From: Jim Armstrong (
Date: Tue Jan 21 2003 - 14:00:08 EST

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    So He accidentally marred Adam in the process of creating Eve? Oh yes,
    there is that missing rib! I never made the link between a missing rib
    and capacity for error!

    I admire your dry sense of humor! JimA wrote:

    > In a message dated 1/21/03 1:16:03 PM Eastern Standard Time,
    > writes:
    >> Instead, it looks like Adam walked out of the
    >> gate of Eden with the same capacity for choice and error that he was
    >> created with, and that we have.
    > You are saying that Adam demonstrated the capacity for error before
    > the Fall? I didn't think he had it until Eve was created -
    > rich

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