Re: prevalence of a behavior does not show cause

Date: Tue Jan 21 2003 - 13:35:18 EST

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    > Don't you think the challenge might be more difficult yet if a genetic link
    > were to be established?

    And so you hesitate because the going may get tougher? The lefty
    psychiatrists call religion a psychopathology and they haven't proved a
    genetic link. If homosexuality is proved genetic maybe it should be
    appropriately pathologized rather than religious belief, but even if
    homosexuality was found in some cases to be genetic, historically, you can't
    remove the behavioral component for those for whom it is not genetic. It's a
    behavior. And as a behavior if its risky in a population it should be avoided
    and we should protect our right to say so. In Canada for example, saying
    homosexuality is immoral is fast becoming a 'hate crime.'


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