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From: Dr. Blake Nelson (
Date: Tue Jan 21 2003 - 12:07:13 EST

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    Without going into all the details, since time does
    not permit, I think the matter that Gordon touches
    upon is actually a very good point.

    The issue of homosexuality is so divisive in part
    because it is taken out of context. I do not find any
    good scriptural warrant to separate homosexual acts
    from other types of sexual sins. It seems likely that
    it is an error both 1) to assume that scriptural
    comments about homosexual behavior should be
    circumscribed to the greatest degree possible and
    preferably ignored if possible, and 2) to treat
    homosexuality issues separate from sexual sin issues

    It is quite clear that lots of heterosexual conduct
    that is acceptable in the modern west is not
    acceptable from scriptural standpoint. Homosexual
    conduct seems to be simply a subset of sexual conduct
    issues that many churches now largely ignore. The
    question of homosexuality and sin cannot be addressed
    separately from heterosexuality and sin.

    I have rarely seen arguments for or against
    disapproval of homosexual acts put into the broader
    category of sexual sin, other than for some
    occasional, fuzzy referents to commited, loving
    relationships (although even this is a step in the
    right direction in discussing these issues). Sexual
    sin can occur in committed, loving heterosexual
    relationships, too.

    --- gordon brown <> wrote:
    > On Mon, 20 Jan 2003, John Burgeson wrote:
    > >
    > You
    > > and I, Michael, did not "choose" our heterosexual
    > orientation, we acquired
    > > it either by nature or by nurture. Likewise, my
    > homosexual friends did not
    > > "choose," but found themselves to be simply
    > different from the norm.
    > The fact that we did not choose our heterosexual
    > orientation is no excuse
    > for us to commit heterosexual acts forbidden by
    > Scripture. In order to
    > follow the Lord's commands and His will for our
    > lives it may be necessary
    > for us heterosexual Christians to practice celibacy
    > for long periods of
    > time, even in some cases all our lives.
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