Re: An interesting essay for evangelicals

Date: Mon Jan 20 2003 - 21:45:37 EST

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    > ? How do we distinguish between deep feelings of love toward a fellow
    > brother or sister, and an affection that is homosexual? I think that these
    > are all valid
    > questions. I also think, that as in all of life, we may not find clear
    > black and white answers.
    > Keith

    There are no clear answers to these questions, Keith, but I would like to
    mention, one is either master of one's body, or one is not. That is a
    question of personal religion. As for the communal aspect of avoidance of
    homosexuality: one is either loyal to one's extended family (which after all
    is just an extension of personal love to the nth degree) and assumes
    responsibility for procreation of one's family or one does not. There are
    real ramifications for those who do not master their bodies and those who do
    not care about their families to the nth degree. In the one case they are
    dominated by physical desires and in the other they become extinct.

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