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Date: Mon Jan 20 2003 - 18:41:41 EST

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    > Likewise, my homosexual friends did not "choose," but found themselves to be
    > simply different from the norm.

    Where is the proof that they did not choose? You mean their genes make them
    have sex with one another? There is no proof that homosexuality is innate.
    NONE. If there is, produce it. and even if you could show that there is a
    tendency for ultra feminized males to become homosexual, how do you account
    for men in prison who are forced to become homosexual or boys who are raped
    and become homosexual (Montgomery Clift comes to mind - if I'm not mistaken
    he was raped as a boy and eventually killed himself). Did their genes cause
    them to be raped? How do you candy coat homosexual rape? And how does it fit
    into the "homosexuality is a valid life style" thing?
    There is no scientific proof for what you are saying. A healthy people does
    not condone homosexuality. Zoroastrians are against homosexuality precisely
    because it lowers birth rates. So are Orthodox Jewish communities. Do you
    believe these other religious communities are hateful and intolerant?

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